When viewing a property, what potential buyer wouldn’t be delighted to be greeted by a beautiful bundle of pooch perfection, sitting cutely by the Aga. Well actually, lots of people!
Many viewers are put off a property by the smell or sight of pets. We may adore our furry family members but that doesn’t mean that viewers feel the same way 🐶🐱🐭
So, how should you prepare your pet friendly home for the market?

• arrange for any pets to be out of the property for the marketing photography shoot and when any viewings take place
• remove any used pet bedding, feed bowls etc
• clean, tidy and deodorise any areas where pets have been
• repair any pet damaged areas eg dog-scratched doors, chewed skirting etc
• when selling a country or family property, it may be beneficial to use a couple of new, unused well chosen dog accessories to suggest a certain lifestyle – this may be a small aesthetically pleasing and colour co-ordinated dog bed placed next to the Aga or an attractive ceramic dog bowl placed in a boot room as part of the property styling

So…..we may love our pets, but potential buyers probably won’t! 🐶

If you need help styling your property either to sell or to enjoy yourself, please contact us via our contacts page…….or via our page at 🏚🏘🏡🏠🏢