Fabulous at 50+ ! ;-)

So, lots of us 50 somethings+ are keeping healthy, revelling in new interests, exercising hard and generally enjoying life 💃🕺

Many people in this age group also start to think about property ‘downsizing’ – maybe to release capital for travel or to pursue life long dreams or interests or maybe to help their children onto the property ladder…..this group of potential buyers needs to be considered when preparing your property for the market. These buyers certainly aren’t all looking for a small ‘retirement’ property anymore – you may think your property would only appeal to those looking for a family home but your home may well be what this group of buyers want. So remember not just to style your home for a specific group of buyers…..keep the decor and vibe non-specific and neutral to ensure it appeals to as wide a market as possible…..you may be surprised at the type of potential buyer it attracts! 🏠🏠🏠🏠 🏠🏠 .

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