Fabulous at 50+ ! ;-)

So, lots of us 50 somethings+ are keeping healthy, revelling in new interests, exercising hard and generally enjoying life 💃🕺

Many people in this age group also start to think about property ‘downsizing’ – maybe to release capital for travel or to pursue life long dreams or interests or maybe to help their children onto the property ladder…..this group of potential buyers needs to be considered when preparing your property for the market. These buyers certainly aren’t all looking for a small ‘retirement’ property anymore – you may think your property would only appeal to those looking for a family home but your home may well be what this group of buyers want. So remember not just to style your home for a specific group of buyers…..keep the decor and vibe non-specific and neutral to ensure it appeals to as wide a market as possible… may be surprised at the type of potential buyer it attracts! 🏠🏠🏠🏠 🏠🏠 .

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Sustainable living

Sustainable living……it used to be difficult to live sustainably. To furnish our homes with stylish, good quality but sustainable furnishings and accessories wasn’t a simple undertaking…..but that’s not the case anymore. One of the simplest ways to sustainable purchasing is to buy vintage/pre loved furniture, textiles and accessories. And who doesn’t love 💕 a unique item of pre loved furniture to add a touch of quirky distinctiveness to their home – every room should contain a little bit of the unexpected to keep things interesting and stylish! Many of us may agree that the days of furnishing our homes in a matchy, brand new, identikit way is now passé. A combination of old and new, and a mixture of styles and textures with bright pops of colour and a touch of individuality is what most of us aspire to now.


When viewing a property, what potential buyer wouldn’t be delighted to be greeted by a beautiful bundle of pooch perfection, sitting cutely by the Aga. Well actually, lots of people!
Many viewers are put off a property by the smell or sight of pets. We may adore our furry family members but that doesn’t mean that viewers feel the same way 🐶🐱🐭
So, how should you prepare your pet friendly home for the market?

• arrange for any pets to be out of the property for the marketing photography shoot and when any viewings take place
• remove any used pet bedding, feed bowls etc
• clean, tidy and deodorise any areas where pets have been
• repair any pet damaged areas eg dog-scratched doors, chewed skirting etc
• when selling a country or family property, it may be beneficial to use a couple of new, unused well chosen dog accessories to suggest a certain lifestyle – this may be a small aesthetically pleasing and colour co-ordinated dog bed placed next to the Aga or an attractive ceramic dog bowl placed in a boot room as part of the property styling

So…..we may love our pets, but potential buyers probably won’t! 🐶

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….what a wonderful weekend we’ve spent with family – family is so important to everyone, no matter how that it is configured! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👩‍👩‍👦👨‍👨‍👦👨‍👧‍👦👩‍👧‍👦
So, what do potential buyers look for in a family property?

•location – families are invariably interested in local schooling and amenities, so research your area and have this information ready to share with potential viewers or your agent
•space – families want to be able to imagine how they would use the available space so strive to define areas of your property into dedicated cooking, eating, relaxing, studying (even if that’s just a small desk in a quiet corner) and sleeping areas
•outside space – if you’re fortunate enough to have outside space, ensure it is family friendly….secure and clutter free and if possible, make it easily visible from inside the property
•a safe and secure environment….so repair and make safe anything that could be perceived as dangerous •a clean, decluttered and depersonalised property – as with any type of buyer, those looking for a family property generally don’t want to view a dirty and cluttered environment – so clean, tidy and depersonalise (buyers aren’t interested in seeing displays of family photos, certificates, child’s paintings etc – your own very personal items on display may prevent potential buyers from imagining themselves living in your property, so pack them away)and keep decor as neutral as you can
•aim to style your property as a ‘show home’ rather than a lived in family home! 
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Kerb Appeal!

Kerb Appeal….one of the most important things to consider when marketing your property 🏠

Potential buyers make their mind up about a property within the first few minutes of seeing it; first impressions therefore really count! Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint on the front door, an attractive pot of colourful plants by the entrance, clipping of hedges or mending broken fences, these little and inexpensive improvements can dramatically improve kerb appeal and therefore first impressions. 
Watch this space over for further tips on staging/styling your home to sell.

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