Great to be appreciated! 🙂

Just a few of the positive comments received:

March 2020. “Thank you soooo much for the help you provided. I would never have thought of those colours or of upcycling the furniture you suggested. It looks fab!”

Sep 2019. “Thank you for coming to look at the work we’d like to do. Your suggestions are great! My husband and I can’t wait to get started now and look forward to working with you”

July 2019: “I wanted to say Liz Bamber-Smith was amazing. I gave her a junk room and she turned it into a spare room with a organised office. She is fantastic at decluttering and tidying. She is firm but fair in helping you declutter. She is friendly but efficient. She is quick and works hard. She is amazing at interior  design and the best colours to use etc. I would recommend Liz to anyone”.

March 2019: “Liz is fabulous at decluttering . I had been living with an untidy mess for a while but didn’t know where to start. Liz was quick, efficient and helped me make decisions about what I needed to keep and what could go! I honestly can’t believe what a difference it has made to my life, knowing where everything now is saves me so much time. I would definitely recommend her”

Dec 2018: “Your course work shows an excellent understanding of Home Staging principles and an eye for stylish interiors which would add buyer appeal.Rebecca Smith, Assessment Tutor, CHSSP